At National Floristy we pride ourselves in presenting high standard flower arranging courses

We also present a one day training course in running your own business as part of the 4 day course.

These courses are aimed at empowering people to generate their own income.


 Our tutors have been in the business for many years and know all the pitfalls in opening

and running a successful florist and events business. 


 We now impart our knowledge on our students and equip them with that knowledge.  

Many of our past students have gone on to open and run successful businesses.


Our Floristry Institute offers flower arranging courses for one and all, whether you want to learn to

arrange flowers for fun or as a business.

Our aim is to skill the unskilled and to equip students to realize their dreams.


We offer floristry courses which will teach you to arrange all the types of flower

arrangements, as well as how to run a florist business.  Full-time as well as part-time

courses are available. 


Our latest courses include Basic Flower Arranging, Business and Flower Arranging, and Bridal Flowers


We have trained students from various mine communities, underpriviledged and

from many rural areas as part of Social Responsibility Projects.  Many students

from across the world have joined us on our courses and have left satisfied and motivated

to start their own businesses. 


Join us at our Floristry Training Institute for an unforgettable Empowering training experience!