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4 Days of indepth hands-on learning.

The first three days are spent teaching you the Basics of Flower Arranging.  14 Different arrangements are completed.  You will also design your own arrangement on day four. You need no experience to start this course, we will teach you from the beginning.

All flowers and materials are provided. 

Day four is a day of theory, teaching you how to run a flower business.  We cover the following topics:-

  •    Costings for your business.
  •    Quoting for functions and weddings.
  •    How the Flower Auctions work.
  •    Understanding the Clocks.
  •    Flower Gradings.
  •    Function Preparation.
  •    Preparation for Florist Days.

The cost of the course is R7000.

All training materials are provided. Catering is supplied.