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3 Day Bridal Course:

The pre-requisite for this course is that you must have completed the Basics of Flower Arranging Course at Flower Connexion.  

The following will be covered during the course:-


  1. Church Arrangements � Traditional and Modern
  2. Pew Arrangements and Suspended Arrangements
  3. Pomanders
  4. Topiary Trees
  5. Decorating Bridges, Gazebos and Arches
  6. Corsages and Button-holes (Advanced and Contemporary designs)
  7. Bridal Posies (Combination posies)
  8. Wired Bridal Tear Drop
  9. Modern Bridey
  10. Table Arrangements Modern and Posy add on candelabra.
  11. Setting up and Dressing Main tables
  12. Chair Backs (Draping, decorating and flower displays)
  13. Head Dressings
  14. Contemporary Designs (Weddings with a difference) (Birdcages, lantern displays, using feather, led lights, stands)
  15. Successful utilization of function props 
  16. Advanced use of Wedding Extras (Diamante buckles, crystals, pearls, feathers etc)


The cost of this course is R8000.  


All material supplied. Catering provided.